Arhiv citatov za razmislek

“The object of lawyers is not, indeed, to overthrow the institutions of democracy, but they constantly endeavour to give it an impulse which diverts it from its real tendency, by means which are foreign to its nature. Lawyers belong to the people by birth and interest, to the aristocracy by habit and taste and they may be looked upon as the natural bond and connecting link of the two great classes of society.”

– Alexis de Tocqueville, 1835

“Ljudem ponudite besedo in jo prepustite njihovemu jezikovnemu občutku in ne jezikovnemu razsodišču.”

– Tomo Korošec, 2019

“My aspiration as a writer is to generate a mass audience large enough for my elite audience to despise.”

– Peter de Vries

“What is essential to make it serve its function as the prime mover of intellectual progress is not that everybody may be able to think or write anything, but that any cause or idea may be argued by somebody.”

– Friedrich A. Hayek (on freedom of expression)